I haven’t been on here in years (literally). Seeing Delaney’s blog always reminds me that I do have this blog and that I don’t want to delete posts cos it’s like deleting a part of me. Ironic thing is, I’ve just set up a tumblr account..mostly due to curiosity and for the fun of it. How much technology has advanced. I’m now typing everything through my phone while everything used to be just via the computer. And I’m starting to feel old hahaha~



Lots of things have happened since I last posted on the 16th of May.

On the 18th of May, I went out with Darrelle and Jasmine! ❤ It’s been a long time since we watched a movie together. Watched Accuracy of Death at Cineleisure. It was a pretty sweet movie about shinigamis and stuff. Our dinner was bought from Taka basement! YUMMM

Then there were the two weeks of lessons which was ultimate boredom. But it acted as a calling to start the revision! /:

Patrol bbq! ❤ It was short, but it was fun and relatively crazy in a sense (: orchidddd~

I guess the highlight of this June hols was the guides camp. They yellow badges’ very last. Time has passed so fast and it definitely wasn’t easy. No matter how disorganised it was, and however lousy we are (pffft), I would say that it’s one of the best camps I’ve ever been to. Yes, work was not allocated properly and sec4s are largely segregated but we will not be lousy/failures for life. SO THERE.
It’s a lot different when you’re not exactly a camper. Of course, there’s more freedom and such, but still, I’d prefer being part of the camping activities (if you know what I mean).
Day One: ‘Talking’ at the den was fun and it opened my eyes to new opinions and err other things. Hahaha night trail was a blast! Nee, Trina and I had our station at mpr2 toilet. It was scary going up there by ourselves when the corridors were all dark and weird noises could be heard. So Trina started singing, and I joined in too: “I know the Lord will make a way for me….” Lol then we began setting up the place. Had to change the stopper of the sink a little with Trina’s improvisation. And Nee’s breaking of the lipstick was funny. It was exciting to scare the groups. Quite mean luh but that’s the point of Night Trail right? (: Missed a bit of Guides Own after that, but I wrote most letters I wanted to.
Day Two: PT was not very well done and the company didn’t manage to stick together during the rounds on the track. But oh well, I believe they tried their best to run! Preparation for campfire and practiced the sec4 item. It was…more planned than last year and everything was set up a lot faster. Sarah Ong is amazing I tell you, and I feel lousy. But yeah, Gateway was magnificent! Carrying of bricks have given me bigger biceps. And I’ll bet Rachel Sim and Lok Yin have them strong and big too. HAHA. Campfire was okay I guess (: I think it turned out well but seniors thought otherwise. The MCs were damn sad after that but everyone makes mistakes and I didn’t think it was THAT bad. They tried their best and that’s what matters! No one’s born perfect so yeah. Lousy Cat High thought it was Saturday instead of Friday -.- We cleared up fast after the campfire and bench carrying to the canteen was a huge strain on my back. Lots of people helped out at Gateway with the untying and everything and we managed to get most things cleared, which was pretty cool. Evaluation was terrible, shall not go into details. Sec3s had coh with the guiders. Rarrr. Bessy, Chinpei and I didn’t sleep that night. Okay, we did for an hour. Sneeked into the tent (oops) and it was fun talking. Lots of problems! SNGG is going downnn. Blah! And the programme for the last day of camp would be totally changed. Slept for an hour and the whole tent moved onto the specs stand and left Kaiying alone after that! HAHAHAHA
Day Three: The last bit for camp was cleared up. Poles washed and dry ones returned, tents striked, kitchen shelter away. Bessy half died in the morning and she couldn’t stand properly. Chinpei is…O.o iron woman. I was half dying but not as dead as Bessy luh (: lol so much for not sleeping! Most sec4s had an hour’s nap in the morning after clearing up. I think I’d have died without it. Haha was with Cheryl, Siyun and Trina in the den. Not long later, it was farewell time. Kaiying was damn good ah, HAHAHA Huattie. I wonder if anyone got a picture of her 😀 Didn’t want to cry at all but I knew I would. Started tearing during the item. I wonder what happened to our sec4 item la ): < pffft, suppose to have it. Restrained myself from crying during patrol gathering ): ORCHIDDDDD. I MISS YOU ALREADY. And THANK YOU BOUGAIN. Giving out presents to sec3 squad was saddening, couldn’t help it. I wanna see them do footdrill ): Packing up after that was a teeny bit annoying. I saw it. Roswell didn’t eat their pretty and sweet NZ Rose apples and they were infested with ants ): < We dumped the rubbish. Lots of it! Hsiaowei forgot to take her wood pile and newspapers. Someone left a whole bottle of unopened Smuckers chocolate syrup and a packet of marshmellows. Thanks for the free gifts! l: I’ve said what I’ve wanted to most people and it’s saddening. I realise that guides has been a rather large part of my life so far. I miss guides and I’ll miss the company and camaraderie forged to a large extent ):

Bessy, Chinpei and I went to the TauHuay shop after that and talked. Haha it was fun (:
Stared at my presents and felt a surge of warmth run through me. Suddenly felt empty and strange without guides. Ahhh

Went out to dinner at The Lighthouse at Jalan Besar after that. The food was good! And I wanted to sleep eating it. Lol oops. Then went home and slept almost immediately..had to wake up at 4+ the next day cos there was cip to be done at Anlene OrchardMile! 😀 reached Douby Ghout station at 5.30am. It was an exciting womens event with lots and lots of freebies!! And the pay was surprisingly good. I wished I had run too. Went to Plaza Singapura by myself after that. Got stuff to give out next term (‘: Shall not say what. hee~ Then I met my mum and my sister. Sales sales sales. I’m glad I went out actually cos I wouldn’t be able to study even if i got home. My head was damn heavy. Haha need sleep sleep sleep!

Now it’s gonna be study study study!
“Good morning starshine, The Earth says hello”
I shall post pictures another day. And I need to kope some from Bessy too~

These are just some of the many pictures I have. Mostly school scenes so yeah :’)

I’ve been looking at things in retrospect. But wth, I don’t remember a single shit about my life. Maybe I just choose not to. Oh I’ll definitely remember my weight-losing, self-discipline and the satisfaction and fitness I got from it. I really wonder how long I’ll be able to keep up with the studying. I’ve never been one who has so much discipline as to even study on my own. I guess it’s because I’m on my own now, my parents can’t do anything to help me. I thank God for the presence of my friends, esp people like Genin, Shanna and Tessa.

My moods are terrible, I swear. I hate myself for it (not forgetting my brainless self for always not bringing consent forms). My emotions just flow – I get agitated easily, I cry. I don’t know if it’s due to lack of sleep but rarrr.

My dad’s gone to Italy for a 10-day business trip. I wonder how the quality of their pizzas differ. Haha extremely random but yeah. Other random things: I think Hellogoodbye and Socratic have really cute MVs. Fruits make up most of my diet and I’d die without them. I have strange thoughts and I can be REAL weird at times. Have I mentioned Batman is the best? hurhur.

May’s coming to an end already. I had my last official Friday guides session today. It was……like any other guide session? Just that everyone was a lot more joyous. I don’t regret having guides as my CCA, neither do I have any quelms or doubts about what I’ve been doing every Friday in school. I believe that’s a good sign 😀  Thinking about it, the yellow-badge have very err memorable/significant changes and happenings. Take this year for example, we’re graduating and it’ll be the last year in this building before it all gets torn down, there was Fiesta, my batch began with a new syllabus and assessment style ETC ETC. Ah well, camp/campfire’s coming soon, together with sec1 enrolment and our P.O.P! I’m glad I got my Gold for guides and tried for PGA and also relieved I didn’t get in. I need to fulfill my dreams in order to gain higher achievements in the future!

I haven’t been going out recently and I’m okay with it (surprisingly!). Time has flown so fast and it’s five more months to the big Os. And I shall await Hanrong’s treat to I-don’t-know-what. Heh.


Someone please enlighten me on how the fat blob achieves such fashionable instincts and still reveal her curvaceous figure.

Oh yes. I’ve decided not to be so critical and try to ignore highly dangerous irritants and whinings.

Okay, since 25 January, CNY has passed, so has Valentines’ and of course, the oh-so-fab 29 Feb.

Even the march holidays are coming to end /:

Anyhoo, I haven’t done much this holiday. ‘Cept that I’ve passed my Pioneer Badge. Hmmm my sister’s always scooting off to school 😦  rarrr i shan’t bother about that evil shit. My mother had her appendix removed last December and had to be hospitalised, then at the end of February, Chua got hospitalised due to thrombocytopenia, and now my Godma’s hospitalised due to an infected colon. Damn. These hospitals are making money…

Lalala¬ I really find sec4 life enjoyable. I mean, there’s studying and all that, but it’s coupled with lots of crazy stuff and happenings. Well, I do have a lot more to say. But I guess I’ll just keep those words with me 😉  Shall post photos another time (that is if i feel like it) heh.

One of my favourite videos&songs from Fall Out Boy 8)

I love the songs by Jack’s Mannequin. It’s those kind of weird, different tunes that makes you wanna listen more. Haha addictive much?

Anyhoo, we got back our Chinese O’Level results on Thursday then got to ‘witness’ the sec4s getting their results back. RuiJuan folded paper cranes for everybody! So sweet right. hee~ I wonder how it’ll be like for us……it’ll be about the same I guess. We’ve got much more to hope for, work for, look forward to. But I’m afraid that in the midst of all that, our lives will become a blur. hmmm

abcd0002.jpg My crane from RuiJuan! 😀

Yesterday’s bio lesson was hilarious! Due to the fact that we’re doing Chua’s favourite topic now, and of course it’s also rather interesting as bio always is, we asked quite a lot of questions. Haha and Chua’s questions were, well, more profound than the rest of ours so Miss Praveena called CHUAmatising CHUA a “Sexpert”. ehmagosh. The whole class burst out in laughter. In case anyone is too slow to realise, it means ‘sex expert’. AHEM. I swear that statement was rather chuamatising! 😯

The new sec1s came in yesterday during guides. The usual orientation stuff were played and done. Hmmm I thought wet games were fun although it was was only played amongst our own patrol. Evil Christine and YingQi made me get wet first 😈 Then Colin Phee came and spoiled all our fun. Said we didn’t ask for permission to play wet games in the bball court. pfffft. So we went back to the quad and there was PeiYun and Leow commenting and making strange/disgusting/nonsensical/deranged statements and stories about my eye bags. The stupid shits couldn’t stop until we had to fall in again. hahaha

4 tests next week! 8)

abcd0001.jpg Better take a picture before the wrapper gets torn off!

The adverse effects of red dragon fruit juice that turns your whole mouth a shade of purplish pink with no staining on your teeth! 8)

There is a time for everthing, and a season for every activity under heaven.
a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

I felt good yesterday. More attentive during mass and R.E (Religious Education). I did think of other things and reflected upon my past year and how I’ve been so far this year. I could say that I’ve changed in a way. I feel myself growing, both mentally and spiritually. I realise the importance of prioritising, enjoying while you can, work hard while you have the opportunity. Life definitely isn’t easy. Of course, I’m still much too young to even journey on further about my life and blahblahblah. But for now, I guess I’ve been blessed, happy and loved. Over time, everything just changes. For the better or the worse, it’s sometimes up to oneself to determine such courses in life. And for that, I thank all those who have been around me or with me :mrgreen:

Moving along, the sky has been wondrously clear in the early mornings of about 5am. The moon is just so round and bright, I actually saw beams upon my sister’s table this morning. SUTEKI! 😀  Lessons were as per normal. There’s just laughter everyday amidst the seriousness and paranoia of Chinese O’Level results being released on Thursday. HAHAHA I wonder how it’ll be like at the end of this year when I collect my results for like, 8 other subjects yo. Won’t Jamie get a heart attack by then?

I made a not-so-amazing discovery today. My left arm is still stronger than my right. AND I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHY SINCE I’M RIGHT-HANDED. Strange… but oh well, I had a good time at the gym yesterday while Cheng, Chua, Eunice, Jamie and Tessa went to eat their prata at amkHub.

I feel that the class has this bond. I wonder if I’m right about that feeling but we seem to have been more tolerant of each other, more respectful, more understanding towards one another. Perhaps it’s the past one year that has bonded us? If so, with the coming Fiesta, we’d be a happy class :’)

growing-green-beans-again.jpg  Green-bean-growing just like in 2006!

abcd0004.jpg Look how much it has grown over the weekend!

dsc00064.jpg Hi Gets! 😀

damn-good-dragon-fruit-juice.jpg Red dragon fruit juice is way good!

peiyun.jpg Chupy and her orange bowl!

tessa-jasmine-chua.jpg They’ve got issues with photo-taking…

uso-unidentified-sea-object-tancheng.jpg Hi TanCheng! = USO = Unidentified Sea Object

abcd0005.jpg Sleepy dog in the morningg~

❤ pretty moon!


It’s hilarious how I’m taller than Jamie and Tessa’s shorter than Chua. HMMM

In two weeks, we’ve had had 10 tests. I would say that the 4 last week were quite of the norm, nothing unusually hellish about that. However, I was almost dead by thursday this week with 6 tests. Yesterday, it was SERIOUSLY TGIF and no news of any tests next week! Rejoice! Even homework seems rather enjoyable. HAHA crazy much?

1. Honglan asked me on the way to United Square: “Did you sleep?”
2. When I got home, my sister said, “You look like a walking zombie…”

Maybe it’s because of the fact that I’ve been sleeping at about 10 or 10+ then waking up at 4 to do homework/study. Zhiliang said “ohh my…wah siao eh..4am is early..thts like saf standard sia. u dun need to live the army way..y do u choose to?”
My loss of apetite this week has got my going actually. Not feeling hungry isn’t my kind of thing but oh well. The doctor had no idea what’s wrong with me either. lol but I’ve got medicine for gastric, indigestion and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

ANYHOO, wednesday was Founder’s Day mass. Then there was the release of two really pretty white lovebirds. One flew out, and it was hopping around on the field. The other had to be forced out of the cage and then it flew oh so happily, far away towards the chapel. But when it landed on the palm tree, a crow just swooped down and flew away. The people at the specs stand screamed, everybody started standing. Some cried. The crow had the little lovebird in its beak. Then more birds came flying towards the crow. I thought I saw an eagle actually but it was most probably another crow. It was HUGE! That gigantic bird was the one to snatch the lovebird away and they all flew onto the rooftop of one of the terraces opposite to share their meal. All evil Genin could do was “HAHAHAHHAA SO SAD SO SAD…HAHAHAHAHA” -.- stupid girl lol. She said it was sad yet amusing. Ironic much?
The other lovebird, which I guess was still prancing around on the field, almost got eaten by the crows. The Brothers who accompanied the priest for mass went to save it. So it was back in the cage. HAHAHA so much so for releasing pet birds.

Peiyun told me about what LiLan laoshi said yesterday about the crows eating the birds. Yes, the crows around my school are rather ferocious (Shanna’s bread got stolen while we were having P.E.) however, if you think about it, if the crows do not have anything to eat, isn’t that rather cruel too? Many people only think of how poor thing the lovebird was just because it got eaten by some ugly old shit black bird. But at the end of the day, that’s how the cycle works. We just bias cos the crow’s ugly and noisy but the lovebird’s small, cute and of a really pretty colour. So yeah, the other lovebird’s sitting in the cage outside the P.E. department. lol.

I hope that maybe my grades would really improve this year, together with the whole class. Like the seniors say, in sec3, your grades really suck but they’ll pick up in sec4. I really do hope so. (except for maybe combined humans which I really suck at. why don’t I just do Amath, chem, bio, chinese, english and lit? rarrr) I’d say that the killer test this week was the History one. I didn’t even understand what the question was asking! ): oh well~ I really should work on my History more. hmmm

RANDOM: I think the sec3s do good footdrill. Haha a bit random but I really think they do. They’ve got spirit and enthusiasm. Passion? haha it may be what keeps them going. Kinda heart-warming seeing them like this actually. Pretty cool too 🙂

To be honest, although the week has been really hectic and tiring, I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. There were many surprises, happenings, and of course much laughter. I had been packed with many activities, hardly any rest time, but all in all, it has been enjoyable 😀


My blog’s always left to revive for a short less-than-5-posts session, only to go into hiatus again. But what the hell.

 ANYHOO. Yes, school’s started with me waving tearfully to a freaking short eoy holiday. First day of school was for me to absorb the fact that i’ve got a change of teachers for chinese and english. pfft. then there were talks that we’ve most probably listened to a gazillion times (okay, fine, this is the 4th) still, we’ve all heard the blahblahblahs before.

Last CCA fair for me last saturday :/  Didn’t hang around on gateway like i used to in previous years. cooked and played with food instead which was an awful lot of fun! strange muffins and pancakes, roasted chicken, ember cooking in a cardboard oven wrapped in aluminium foil. i swear i’d think girl guides was pretty neat if i were a sec1. hurhur cheese pancakes really tasted goooood~ a tad too much cheese, but whatever. plain pancakes tasted a little like roti prata. lol not too bad if you asked me.

Siyun is hilarious. period. the lame “muthu” and “curry” issue really got me. HAHA at least i’m not the only one with a name cos she’s Curry now. lalalala~  kinda love her accent. HA!

Interviewed the sec1s yesterday and today. Didn’t know Eunice’s sister was so interested. too bad i didn’t get to interview her :/ but we’ve got quite a few ppl! HOORAH~

Why can’t we just do A-Math and not E? ): <
i can’t get E-Math for nuts.
i suck, yes? rarrr!

I don’t think you’ll see this, but anyway:

enjoy your long awaited trip to France 😀


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